Did you know that all cars that are three years old and older are required by law to have an MOT certificate? Without a valid MOT certificate you will be unable to renew your road fund licence and will also struggle to find insurance cover. We cover many areas including Worcester, Droitwich Spa and Bromsgrove, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch when you need to book your MOT test. It is also a legal obligation to have an MOT carried out at least once a year. Our MOT testing is thorough, using the latest equipment which will include a brake test print out, and takes in all of the parts of your vehicle that needs testing for it to be considered in a roadworthy condition. These include

Wheels/Tyres, Steering, Brakes, Windscreen, Bonnet, Horn, Registration Plates, Lights, Mirrors, Doors, Seats, Suspension, Fuel Systems, Seatbelts, Body Condition/Security, Exhaust Emissions

We have MOT facilities for class 4 and can arrange other classes upon request. We also offer comprehensive pre MOT testing, which will help highlight minor faults present on your vehicle. We can repair these prior to the MOT examination.

MOT Repairs

Should your MOT examination highlight and faults with your vehicle then we can repair these onsite. We can also inform you of any areas that are likely to need attention in the future, and remedy these before they become a major problem in the future. We are also open six days a week, so if your vehicle requires an MOT why not drop by the garage or contact us by giving us a call.